Of Coarse! … My Hair?

Many of our Sisters who fear most of going natural are those who believe that their hair is “coarse” and/or who grow insecure due to the Teeny Weenie Afro (TWA) ...

Our Beauty is not Our Beast

A Nation begins with its women and maintains with its men. This blog is for Black women who believe that their natural textured hair is unattractive. It is also directed ...

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Definition of a Man

Where do females find their definition of a man … honestly? For a long time, I have wondered this. So many women (and I use the term loosely in this post) are holding “skip rocks” in the palms of their hands and treating them as if they’re diamonds and pearls. Growing up with a young […]

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Relaxers. The Whole Truth.

I am an advocate of Black women going natural and taking the time to learn how to manage and groom themselves. Not only are relaxers a waste of time and money, they also are scientifically proven to be harmful to our bodies. There is nothing safe about applying relaxers, just like there is no safe […]

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